Monday, October 17, 2011

Hello friends :)

We arrived in Knoxville on Monday. It is very scenic set in smokey mountains it's just what I imagined it to look like. Here lives some friends we met on the freedom of the seas. Tim,Cheryl and their 7 beautiful kids. John decided that we just had to visit them once more before we left to say good bye.
We were welcomed warmly and they had the afternoon all planned for us. We went for a bush walk to a observation deck to get a good look at the smokey mountains. It is a beautiful sight, And you can imagine just how beautiful it is in winter. Then we went back to their home where cheryl had cooked tea for us. Oh and we can't not say something about Tim and his bbqing awesomeness. The stake was perfect. We were sad to leave as we now see Tim,cheryl and family as part or our american family and hope to see them next year where we r planing on cruising together on the beautiful freedom of the seas.

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